Pipe Accessories

Pipe Accessories

At Dejar Pipes, we provide you with the highest quality pipe accessories to make your pipe smoking life a whole lot easier. These pipe accessories are essential for a pipe smoker. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran; a casual or a connoisseur – we have the right accessory for you. From the basic to advanced and unique ones, we’ve got you covered!

Special Beginner’s Deal

Are you a first time pipe smoker? Looking to get started in pipe smoker? Heck, even if you’re a veteran pipe smoker but it’s your first time purchasing from us, we’ll give you a beginner’s deal! This is a package containing the basic smoking pipe accessories, all of which are high quality for 30% off the regular price! Sounds great right?

We only offer this deal for beginner pipe smokers or first time purchasers. Contact us right now for more information about this limited time promotion!

What’s included in the package? Glad you asked! Here are what’s included in our beginner’s package (which is also what we offer at the moment):

  • Stands and Racks – these are a must have for every pipe smokers so you can showcase your pipe collection (believe us, once you get into pipe smoking, you’re bound to increase your pipe collection and in time, you’ll want to be able to display them). You can choose from many colors and materials we have. We have wood, leather and ceramics. Prices differ by material, but is subject to the 30% off.
  • Pouches and Jars – keep your tobacco safely stashed at your home with our pouches and jars! If you love to travel, these accessories are a must have! This will save you from the hassle of having your tobacco spilled while on transit. We have ones that are perfect for storing a specific type of flavor too!
  • Tools and Cleaners – we have pipe tampers and tools that will aid you in packing and emptying your pipe. We have a Czech tool which consist of a pick, reamer and tamper. If you are no idea what those are, again, you are very lucky! For we are going to explain these terms to you right now!
    • The pick is a narrow pin that’s used to clean your pipe of tobacco debris.
    • The reamer is shaped like a dill pen-knife that’s used to remove ash from your pipe.
    • Finally, the tamper is an instrument shaped like a nail’s head that’s used to pack your bowl with tobacco.
  • Filters and Screens – reduce irritation and enjoy a clean and dry smoke with our high quality filters and screens.
  • Polish, washes, waxes – keep your pipe in pristine condition for years to come with our special polishes that protects your pipes from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Wooden matches – premium quality wooden matches for that exquisite experience.

Keep in mind that you can select up to two items in each category. Every item is price individually, but the total will be subject to 30% discount! Contact us today so that we can send you a catalogue of our products available for bundle in our Beginner’s Deal! If you are a long time customer, refer your friends – beginner’s and veterans alike – and earn 5% of their purchases for up to three purchases!*

*Available for purchases of $50 or more.

Contact us for more details.