Smoking Pipes

Smoking Pipes

Smoking pipes, along with fine tobacco, are the essence of pipe smoking. You can’t afford to have a low-quality smoking pipe that will ruin or limit your pipe smoking experience. Here at Dejar Pipes, we offer only the best and highest quality handmade smoking pipes.

Our prices are unbeatable – from cheap yet quality ones to luxurious, finely crafted pipes, we have what you need.

We offer three different types of Pipes. Briar, Meerschaum, and Corncob.

Briar Pipes

The most common types of pipe you’ll see, Briar pipes are made from the dense roots of the Briar plant. For beginners, Briar pipes are the ones you’d imagine when thinking of pipe smokers. This kind of pipe comes in tons of different varieties, different finishes, and different designs.

A briar smoking pipe.

Briar pipes are priced between $10 to thousands of dollars. Cheap briar pipes are usually “poor” quality, such as a sandblast briar. Poor because they have flaws in them like ugly grain or little holes in the wood.

We have a variety of briar pipes available on stock. To request a copy of our catalog, contact us.


Perfect for beginners, corncob pipes can be bought for as little as 3 bucks. If this is your first time smoking pipe, then getting a corncob to experience it is an excellent way to get started. Therefore, if you ever decided that pipe smoking isn’t for you, you can easily ditch your pipe and you haven’t spent a lot of money.

For veteran and experienced pipe smokers, corncob is still a great choice. Cheap yet durable, easily disposable, and requires little maintenance, these kinds of pipe allows a casual pipe smoker to enjoy a great smoking experience. And while it will obviously wear out faster compared to its peers, you can easily get another one for a few bucks or better yet, purchase a bundle – which here, at Dejar Pipes, comes with a discount. Contact us for more details.


Meerschaum is made from a soft, white mineral called sepiolite (aka meerschaum). It’s a soft stone. Because of its nature, you can often find meerschaum pipes carved in intricate details. They are the most unique when it comes to appearance and design. They are extravagant and elegant and boisterous.

We offer magnificently crafted meerschaum pipes with the most elegant and extravagant designs. If you’re a minimalist, we also have simplistic designs that focus on bringing out simpleness and minimalism. Finally, we also have custom made to order designs, send us your preferred design idea and we’ll let you know whether we’ll be able to do it or not. Contact us for more details.


A great pipe is useless without great tobacco! We offer three different types of tobacco for you to enjoy.

English Tobacco – For those who love strong flavors, this is for you! Our English tobacco comes with absolutely no additives. They are pure and are always fresh straight from the harvest!

Cavendish – this tastes like candies and comes in all flavors. We have chocolate, cherry, rum, coconut and walnut flavors. It’s great to be combined with other flavors, so you might want to blend this to our English tobacco to lessen its strength.

Virginia – if you want something that can be stored for longer periods, then this is the tobacco for you! Perfect for long travels or during vacation. This is typically blended with other types of tobacco and we recommend Cavendish to go along with it.

We offer up to 10% discount if you purchase a 3-in-1 package from us. Contact us for more details.